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Safe Online Spaces for Summer - Week 6 - Gaming

This week has been our most challenging week yet trying to find safe spaces for you! We’re all parents here at Cybersafe and researching for this post has really got us talking - there are so many layers to recommending gaming influencers!

There's so much to talk about that we have decided that this one area needs a lot more attention - we’re going to be coming back to address some of the trickier issues in the next few weeks - you may already be aware of our recent concerns about Roblox, for example, well - Roblox youtubers are a minefield all of their own!

So.. for this week we’re just giving a few ideas of some YouTubers who mainly play Minecraft, Animal Crossings, Legend of Zelda and Pokemon/Mario games and FIFA. In light of this they’re probably going to appeal to a younger audience of around 11 and under. And we will come back to many of the big names you might have heard of for older gamers in the coming weeks.

We'd also love your help - there are so many other channels out there covering different games that the algorithms don't widely promote. We’d love any ideas from you. Which gamers are your kids watching on YouTube? Are there any you’d recommend? Or any you’d advise avoiding? Please drop us a DM or post in the comments.

For now we hope you find a few of these useful! And we hope you’ve enjoyed us sharing a few of our recommendations over the summer. Wishing everyone all the best with the start of term (if it was today, we hope it went well! We have a few more days to go yet!) and we hope you’ve had a great summer! - Grian is a very popular and safe channel for any kids to watch. He only does Minecraft videos, but it is a great channel, safe and friendly with lots of content for kids to enjoy. An oldy but a goody - Stampy Long Head is another kid focused YouTube channel mainly featuring Legend of Zelda and Minecraft though there are a few other games featured in videos. He is going to appeal to a younger audience, definitely 10 and under. But he’s a safe space in the world of Youtube and lots of regularly uploaded content so one to check out! Our teen channel checkers pointed out that Stampy has been YouTubing for a very long time now so is less popular with some of the older kids! Another Minecrafter and another great channel. Welcoming and c

hild friendly he also collaborates a lot with Grian (mentioned above) through a server called

Hermitcraft. Our mini channel checker reports that he focusses a lot on Redstone and the more technical things on Minecraft. Ethan Gamer has been running his channels since he was about 7 and is now 17 so there’s plenty of content! He’s British and he is a very popular youtuber and plays primarily Roblox games. We hesitated about keeping this channel in because of concerns regarding some of the content within Roblox, but if your child is a fan he is definitely worth checking out as an alternative to some of the other Roblox channels out there. The style is friendly and fun and he has over 1000 videos. Zebra Gamer is a very popular kids YouTube channel. His content focuses on Mario/Pokemon/Zelda/Minecraft/Fall Guys. He is very watchable and if your child is into these games, he’s a good one to direct them to. One for FIFA fans! YouTuber, Sid, is one of the fastest growing content creators on YouTube with plenty of videos to enjoy. The style is fun and friendly with lots of funny challenges, ideas and game demos. Recommended for any football fans. - This channel is the family who also run the very popular art for kids hub. On this channel the dad games with his 3 kids and so you can be confident of suitability, largely focused on Minecraft – though there are a couple of Fortnite videos on here as well. - Lex Play is a YouTubers who focuses on Animal Crossing videos. She’s got lots of content and although again suited to children younger than 10 she is worth checking out.

As ever, we are always here to help. If you have any concerns on gaming - we’d love to know and we can help answer some of your questions when we run some features later in the year.


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