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We Are CyberSafe Scotland

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About Us

We are a social enterprise with expertise in child protection and are passionate about protecting children in Scotland and around the world from online exploitation.

Social Enterprise

We are a social enterprise, which means that any income that we generate or donations that are given, goes directly back into helping more children and supports our work to reduce online child exploitation.

What We Do

We help schools and local authorities. We support teachers with up to date materials and one to one assistance wherever necessary.

  • Consultancy

  • Training

  • Lessons

  • CPD

  • Survey

We offer sessions to support digital parenting and increase parental engagement with online exploitation and cyber safety and security.


  • Parent Sessions

  • Online Tutorials

  • Resource Lists

All of our work is focused on empowering children to protect themselves online wherever possible.


  • Interactive lessons

  • Links to resources

  • Support worker sessions

Who We Are

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Work With Me

Annabel Turner

Founder, Director

Annabel practised as a barrister for 10 years before her work as an advisor to the International Justice Mission's "Not on My Screen" campaign against Cybersex Trafficking brought her into specialising in children's digital rights, online harms and online safety.


Annabel founded Cybersafe Scotland in 2018 and now works as a speaker and trainer, as well as on the co-design of resources and support to help young people online.


She is an expert in online harms and online exploitation and in her spare time continues to help as an advisor to the International Justice Mission, advising on combatting the online sexual exploitation of children internationally and in Scotland.


She is the Co-Chair of the Online Safety, Child Sexual Exploitation and Child Trafficking Sub Committee of the Aberdeen Child Protection Committee. 

Get Involved

There are several ways you or your organisation can support us to help protect more children from online exploitation and harm.

You can donate what you can afford to help fund support workers to teach online safety in schools.

Sponsor an event teaching organisations how to improve online safety.

Partner with us to work together in reducing online child exploitation.

Current Vacancies

We are excited to be growing our team. If you would like to work with us on our mission, here are our current roles.

Children & Families Support Worker

Pupil and Teacher

We are recruiting for someone who is passionate about protecting children online to deliver with our respected and safe online project.

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