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Safe Online Spaces for Summer - Week 1 – Creative Spaces

This week we’re getting creative!

Kids love being creative and this drives a lot of their activity online. We want to encourage this creativity and direct them express themselves in lots of different and creative ways that are safe, healthy and positive.

Here's some ideas on lots of different creative YouTube channels for your child to try.

Lots of fun and creative baking ideas and recipes. The channel is aimed at kids and all videos are set to music with no voiceover. There are loads of fun themed cakes and although techniques might make it more suitable to kids 8+ the content is suitable for all ages. - could take this channel out if we only need 1 baking channel?

This is a fun channel with lots of creative and upbeat fun baking videos. Totally safe and suitable videos for giving kids fun baking ideas!

Lots of fun videos on simple origami projects and crafts, probably best for 7+ to be able to manage following all the folds but all videos suitable and set to music, no voice over so they’re a fun watch even for younger kids.

This is a fab channel with lots of crafts from crochet to paper crafts, upcycling junk, bug hotels and more. Suitable for all ages with lots of inspiration and ideas.

Brilliant channel for kids of all ages with endless step by step drawing videos on all sorts of animations and themes as well as lots of popular characters from films, from Peppa Pig to Star Wars.

This a channel full of fun videos all set to music, no voice over. Fun craft ideas and life hacks. Some require more complex techniques or equipment but this is a super cool channel with fun ides that are fun to watch and full of inspiration and ideas. They are aimed at more of a female audience. Suitable for all ages but geared more for 7+.

Channel featuring lots of hair and nail designs, as well as videos on making lip balm, bracelets and more. Aimed at kids with themed designs and plenty of fun ideas and tutorials. Suitable for any age. The channel is not being updated with current content however there are over 150 videos to keep busy with!

Brilliant step by step drawing channel. Aimed at kids and showing fun illustrations and animations which are easy for kids to follow. Suitable for all ages.

Fab channel for kids of all ages, lots of fun and creative lego ideas. Really entertaining videos as well as some good projects to try. - This channel is not updated with new content. However there are lots of videos available with lots of fun craft projects you can do at home. Aimed at primary school aged kids of all ages.

Another channel full of step by step drawings on a huge range of subjects. There are some super simple drawings as well as much more complex techniques so suitable for a wide age range from 5-early teen.

This one is at says – aimed at girls! So crafts more female oriented and hair/mails etc. But a huge stock of videos, no voice over, just music. Crafts are a little more complex in general so probably 8+ but plenty to keep girls entertained up until early teens.

Top tip for week 1 – have you sat down with your child and looked through their followers lists on the various apps and sites they’re using? This is well worth doing and getting rid of all those followers who your child doesn’t know.


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