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Feeling Down? You are not alone

Advice if you are feeling very unhappy or are worried about a friend or child who is feeling very low.

To get help the first thing you need to do is tell someone about how you are feeling. Talking about your fears and feelings is difficult even to those you know love and care about you. So you may need help to find a way to do this.

Everyone has a role to play in preventing young suicide. If you have concerns about others, only by asking about suicide can you encourage young people to speak openly about how they are feeling.

Many people worry that asking about suicide might put the idea into a person’s head, or offend or anger them in some way, however research indicates that asking does not increase the risk.

Some people find it easier to talk with people who they don't know. If you look for advice on the internet, make sure it comes from a trusted source like a charity. Avoid the bad advice that is available on many social media apps.

When asking about suicide, it is important to do so clearly and directly. Say “Are you thinking about suicide?” or “Are you thinking about ending your life?” or “Are you thinking about killing yourself?”.

Many young people feel they are a burden or undeserving of support. By asking the question you are showing that you are ready to listen and will help them to access support. Not asking is too great a risk to take.

This advice comes direct from the Molly Rose Foundation Home - Molly Rose Foundation. The foundation was set up when Molly took her own life. The impact the self-harm material she had been viewing on social media in the months leading up to her death has been widely documented and her family now campaign for social media companies to be held accountable for what children are viewing on their platforms, and they produce resources to support young people’s mental health and wellbeing.


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