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Protecting Children Online

Training and Support

We are specialists in online child protection. We work with schools, parents and local authorities to protect children from online exploitation and abuse. 

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"The Internet Watch Foundation identified almost 20,000 webpages of child sexual abuse images in the first half of 2022 that included "self generated" content of 7 - 10 year old children. This is a 360% increase on the same period in 2020".


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Keep up to date with the latest developments to keep your child safe online.

Tablet Learning


Training, CPD, lessons and other services for teachers and local authorities.

Friends with a Phone


News and resources for kids to empower them to protect themselves online.

Worried about a child online?

If you are a child or you're worried about something a child or young person may have experienced online click below for where to get the right support.

Understanding and Explaining Sextortion
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"I think that the lessons are really cool because they include everything that’s going on online and real issues." 

“Excellent presentation that every parent in Scotland needs to hear”

“These lessons have made a huge positive difference to how my class interacts with each other online”

Get Involved

There are several ways you or your organisation can support us to help protect more children from online exploitation and harm.

You can donate what you can afford to help fund support workers to teach online safety in schools.

Directly sponsor an event to help us support more people how to improve online safety.

Partner with us to work together in reducing online child exploitation.