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How to set up Safety Controls

Have you got controls set up on all your child's apps AND all their devices? Setting controls can feel complicated - but luckily there are some easy step-by-step guides for you to follow! 

Social Media Controls

Here are controls for TikTok and Snapchat.

For more controls for other social media apps:

Image by Sara Kurfeß

Device Controls

Add more protection by making sure their devices have controls set up too.

Here are some handy guides for most devices here including phones and tablets:

Clicking on a Tablet

Gaming Controls

If your child likes gaming, here you’ll find all the controls you need for


For other games and consoles:

Image by Diego Marín

WiFi Controls

It can also be helpful to add another layer of protection by setting controls on your wifi router.

Find easy guides here:

Image by Franck

Easy step-by-step videos to set up Safety Controls

View the 'Full Screen' by clicking the bottom right icon on the video to see the detail more clearly

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