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Safe Online Spaces for Summer -Week 2: Science and Nature

Nature and time outside is a brilliant balancer to screentime - and vitally important for every child's physical and mental health. We are grateful to have amazing outdoor spaces in Scotland to enjoy. But what about the rainy days or the days you just can't get outside...?

This week we are featuring some brilliant science and nature channels with lots of ideas to try at home as well as be inspired by our wonderful world.. There's lots out there and our channel reviewers have been working hard with us to get a list of 10 to get you started.


Have you checked restricted mode is switched on YouTube on your child's device?This helps filter mature content so it is important as a first line of defence.

To do this go to settings, you can find this in the top right hand corner where there are 3 horizontal dots. Click on this and you'll find the option to turn restricted mode on.

Mission Unstoppable

This channel is a fab one particularly for girls – its hosted by actress Miranda Cosgrove and contains lots of science-based stories, facts and features on girls in science.

Sick Science

Steve Spangler is a science educator who is trying to increase science engagement amongst children. Highly entertaining with lots of simple things that can be done at home.

Sci Show

Sci Show is professional, informative, science based series of channels which are suitable for older children who have a science interest. Three and half thousand videos on the site.

Mark Rober

Mark Roper is a former NASA engineer who is trying to educate and enthuse future engineers. Lots of videos on his channel inspiring kids about science and engineering through entertaining videos.

Crash Course Kids

The videos cover a range of subjects in 'Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology, Geography, Engineering and Astronomy'. Like many of the channels its US based and so focused around US curriculum but lots of great content worth a watch.

The Dad Lab

Science, Crafts and Play ideas and experiments. There are over 5m subscribers to this channel from a London based father and his two young sons. Full of ideas, tips, good places to visit, recommendations on good educational toys etc.

Steve Backshall

Steve is an explorer/adventurer who makes highly entertaining films of his exploits. Very watchable for all ages.

National Geographic Kids

A fun educational channel produced by National Geographic. Contains a very large number of high-quality educational videos.

Operation Ouch

The channel is presented by two identical twin doctors (Dr.Chris and Dr. Xand van Tulleken) who present a show focussed on fun facts about our bodies work and things that can go wrong. It aims to de-mystify hospitals and medical care for children.


NASA STEM Engagement is a channel with learning resources that connect teachers, students, parents and caregivers to the inspiring work at NASA (in their own words). Lots of interesting videos and slightly more accessible to a younger audience than the mainstream NASA channel.


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