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Updated: Nov 15, 2019

It is important that parents and guardians know what sites present the most risks to children in their geographical area at any time. Parents often tell us that they feel disconnected from their children’s online world because they don’t know how to help and there are too many risks for anything they do to make much of a difference. They tell us that they see headlines about things that have happened to children online but those headlines seem overwhelming and other-wordly – things that they hope won’t happen to their own children.

It is only by making simple information available about sites on which children are being most targeted in different areas of Scotland that we can help children and parents to take simple actions which will make a huge difference to their overall safety online. For example, through knowing that 50% of children aged 9 – 13 in Aberdeen who use social media have their profile settings set to public we can help parents in Aberdeen specifically respond to this risk.

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